Nongnooch Village & Cultural Show (half day)

Nongnooch Village & Cultural Show (half day)

Highlight : Nong Nooch Paradise - Pattaya, Thailand, is a world renowned tropical garden wonderland where you can experience some of Asia's most beautiful Botanical gardens. Along with an incredible list of attractions, offering famous Elephant and Thai Cultural Shows, a unique performance & sports car collection, elephant safari's and more, making it a must see tourist attraction close to Bangkok

Main Attractions:
  • Tropical, European and Botanical Gardens
  • The biggest attraction and the reason Nong Nooch exists is it’s amazing garden landscapes.
  • You will forget that you’re in tropical Thailand and relish in the breathtaking landscaped gardens.
  • Traditional Thai Cultural shows, Witness the famous performance of Thai history and culture, with re-enactments of historical events, the kingdoms of past kings and invading battles of other nations.
  • Muay Thai and more!  Intelligent Elephant Show Along with the Thai cultural show, spend your hour to view possibly the greatest display of elephant and trainer cooperation in the world.
  • Performance Car Collection
  • Nong Nooch’s owner is a lover of high performance cars. Featuring a rare collection of sports, performance and touring vehicles, modern and classic. One of the best car collections on display in Thailand.
  • Creative Landscape art and sculpture displays
  • Experience the creative genius of Nong Nooch’s artists and landscapers.
  • There are many art installations scattered through the park, some of the most amazing in Thailand. Animal Attractions - Mini Zoo, Bird of Prey, Water birds,  Aquariums, Elephants! There is a great variety of wild animal, bird and fish species to visit. A mini petting zoo for the kids, butterfly enclosure, reptile displays, feed the elephants and so - much - more.
  • Nong Nooch Activities There are many great experiences to have at Nong Nooch, whether a single person, family, couples or groups - their truly is something for everyone! Take a look and find out more.

Package tour price per person for minimum 2 paying adult per booking (Depart from Pattaya)


  • Entrance ticket
  • Return transport
  • Personal expenses.
  • Child height is 90 – 120 cm
  • Open Daily 09.00 -21.00
  • Pick up time:  08:00/12:00